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Self awareness programs

Personal leadership develops from the inside out. Leaders that have a better understanding of themselves are more mindful and have higher emotional intelligence. Self-awareness programs support the development of leaders who recognise how their behaviour, emotions and thinking impact others in the workplace. They are alert to how the actions of others influence their responses.

Self-aware leaders know their strengths and the extent of their abilities, and are open to giving and receiving feedback. Greater clarity about their values and direction in life result in more confident decision-making and a happier and more productive workforce. A greater social and organisational awareness supports a more strategic approach to leadership.

Becoming more self-aware and present is a journey. It takes time and practice to embed the skills and practices. These programs support leaders to become more confident, motivated and resilient leaders.

The self-awareness program covers subjects related to self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management, social awareness and leadership skills.

A tailored program will cover self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management, social awareness and leadership skills.

Our programs are run by experienced facilitators who have been senior leaders in the public and private, government, not-for-profits, health,  ambulance, aged care and community sectors.

The time frame and budget available, together with the needs of your business and the skill set of your current and emerging leaders will determine the structure and length (half day to multi-day) of the program.

Additional support for self-awareness programs

Individual Coaching is highly recommended to complement the learning and to embed, support and strengthen leadership capabilities and accountabilities both during and after the program.


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