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Leadership development programs for emerging leaders and executives

Chameleon Leadership provides leadership development programs for emerging leaders and executives through the  transition to leadership and executive leadership development programs.

These programs cover the core elements of leadership (strategic, relational and operational) and may be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and the behavioural expectations that you may have of your leaders.

Tailored to your business
Interactive & experiential
  • Align with the current context, strategic objectives, business imperatives and values of your organisation
  • Reflect the skill set and experience of your participants
  • Balance strategic, operational and relational aspects
  • Dynamic individual development plans that apply learning to the work situation
  • Match flexible timelines with the availability of participants
  • Action-based learning –  learning through experience rather than explanation. A mix of seeing and doing
  • Exploration and practice of new behaviours, attitudes and learned concepts in a risk-free environment
  • Group work and facilitated discussions about real business problems
  • Provide time for self-reflection to enhance self-awareness and resilience
  • Assignments between training blocks as appropriate
Experienced facilitators
Real business outcomes
  • Experienced facilitators
  • Senior leaders from the public, NGO and private sectors
  • Practical and relevant to work roles
  • Generate tangible results
  • Job specific or organisational project (can be included)


The time frame and budget available, together with the needs of your business and the skill set of your current and emerging leaders will determine the structure and length (half day to multi-day) of the program.

Transition to leadership programs

We believe that emerging leaders require training and on-going support to reach their full leadership potential. The transition to leadership programs  provide a space for emerging leaders to build their confidence, expand their knowledge, develop core skills, and gather a tool kit of effective strategies.

Who should attend a transition to leadership program?

  • High potential employees preparing for their first leadership position
  • Employees who have recently been promoted to a position of leadership
  • Function, team or business leads

Executive leadership development programs

Executive leaders that strengthen and grow their skills are better able to deal with the challenges of a volatile, complex and ambiguous  environment.  We believe that leaders with a greater self-awareness and a balance of hard and soft skills are a greater asset to organisations.  Personal leadership is therefore a key component of our executive leadership programs.

Who should attend an executive leadership program?

  • Potential candidates for executive leadership positions
  • Leaders who are responsible for a department or division
  • Executives that want to strengthen or expand their skill set

Additional support for leadership development

360o  behavioural profiles

The first step to a change in behaviour is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how others in the organisation perceive you, provides another source of reflection.  360o behavioural profiles of each participant are recommended for programs that extend for more than 2-3 days.

Personal development plans can be developed that leverage your strong points and maximise your opportunities for improvement. They can also inform the creation of a program that focuses on the group’s gaps and challenges.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching is highly recommended to complement the learning and to embed, support and strengthen leadership capabilities and accountabilities both during and after the program.

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