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Chameleon Leadership provides independent, pragmatic and strategic consulting advice in the health, community, ambulance, aged care and not-for-profit sectors. We offer practical, implementable solutions to complex challenges.

Our basic philosophy is to support, inspire, challenge and empower you and your business to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Our services cover 4 broad areas

Strategic Planning

A clearly thought out vision and actionable strategic and business plans set the direction within an organisation….



Chameleon Leadership provides professional, independent facilitation that promotes mutual understanding….


Organisational Review and Design

An independent service review/evaluation can uncover critical issues. Performance improvement…..


Qualitative market research

We use qualitative research methods to engage with your market to obtain insights and identify key themes….


Key strengths of Chameleon Leadership

  • Understanding and extensive executive level experience in dealing with complex challenges
  • Practical know-how in solving difficult problems and delivering real results
  • Expertise in strategic advice, planning and implementation
  • People management and team building skills
  • Hands-on experience in organisational planning, governance and service redesign at a local, regional and state level
  • Adept at facilitating strategic and business planning workshops
  • Experience in liaising and consulting with internal and external stakeholders in complex decision-making environments
  • Expertise in government processes, budget development and implementation
  • Policy and program management know-how
  • Qualitative market research capability
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