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360° feedback coaching

A developmental assessment with 360° feedback coaching is a good starting point for change. Honest 360° feedback from managers, peers and direct reports gives leaders and managers greater insight into how their performance is perceived by others.

A coach can hold you accountable and support you to translate this increased awareness into goals, strategies and a personal developmental action plan to improve your competencies and support shifts in  behaviour.

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) is used by Chameleon Leadership for 360° assessments. The LCP measures two domains:

  • The creative competencies ie effective behaviours that achieve positive results
  • The reactive tendencies of the individual ie how they react to problems when they feel stressed or anxious

Integrating the two domains gives the individual a picture of not only which behaviours  are effective and which are not, but also tells them why this is happening. The what and the why. The individual’s internal assumptions and beliefs that influence their leadership style and underlie these behaviours are evident in the process.

The results are depicted in the Leadership circle which is easy to understand thus removing the need for long-winded commentary. The simplicity of the circle belies the depth of information that it provides.
Leadership circle

Once an individual is aware of what drives their behaviours, they are better able to make targeted changes to speed their personal development.

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