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Chameleon Leadership provides confidential, practical, solution-focused coaching in the following areas:

  • Executive leadership coaching for
    • Current and emerging leaders who want to achieve their goals
    • Leaders who are experiencing challenges at work
    • Newly promoted leaders that need support in their new roles
    • Leaders that are being groomed for higher roles
  • Transition coaching for
    • Managers who are transitioning to leadership positions
    • Individuals that are stuck in a rut and are looking for a new direction
    • Leaders and managers who are ‘burnt out’ from the pressures of work
  • 360° feedback coaching for
    • Leaders and managers who will benefit from feedback from their bosses, peer group and direct reports

We will work with you to clarify your goals, and design a coaching plan that will meet your needs and the business requirements of your organisation.

Chameleon Leadership coaches have personal experience of the pressures and uncertainty faced by executives and managers in large complex organisations and smaller businesses.

The benefits of coaching accrue first to the individual and then to the organisation.

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Leadership potential unlocked
  • Talent management, succession planning and retention improved
  • Leadership effectiveness, performance and motivation enhanced
  • Positive impact on team dynamics and business performance
  • Leadership competencies and behaviours strengthened and developed
  • Empowered leaders
  • A positive, engaged, productive workforce

Benefits for the Individual

  • Greater personal insight, self-awareness and self-management
  • A neutral sounding board and safe space to clarify, test and discuss strategic, operational and relationship opportunities and challenges
  • Clear goals with definitive action steps to facilitate and navigate change
  • Tools and techniques to enhance leadership capability
  • Honest, confidential feedback and support from an objective, independent professional who will call it as they see it
  • Increased motivation, improved productivity and job satisfaction

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