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Why chameleon leadership?


Why the name Chameleon Leadership?  We believe that the chameleon symbolises many of the skills and talents needed to be a good leader.

  • Environmental awareness and strategic focus
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Focused decision-making
  • Agility and balance

Environmental awareness and strategic focus

Chameleons have 360-degree vision, with eyes that can move separately or together keeping an eye on the present and the future possibilities. Their eyes are constantly scanning the environment for risks and for small, fast-moving insects (which they can detect from 5 to 10 meters away).

An awareness of the changes, risks and opportunities in the environment are the basis of sound strategy, a cornerstone of good business.

Focused decision-makers

Their long sticky tongue – 1.5 to 2 times the length of their body (excluding their tail) – can be propelled at incredible speeds to catch passing insects.

Quick decision-making followed by rapid action allows a business to capitalise on opportunities or deal with sudden, unexpected risk.

Flexibility and adaptability to change

Chameleons appear to blend into their environment, changing colour in response to temperature, light and mood.

Good leaders know how to adapt their behaviours to suit the people they are interacting with, the environment and the situation.

Agility and balance

Chameleons move slowly and purposefully gripping branches with their horizontal feet and using their long tail to balance as they move from plant to plant in all kinds of weather.

Maintaining focus, momentum and balance in response to rapid changes in the internal and external environment is the mark of an agile leader.