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About Us

At Chameleon Leadership, we believe that empowered, self-aware leaders inspire and lead high performing teams. Our purpose is:

  • to build quality leaders by providing tailored coaching and leadership development programs that will accelerate the personal and professional development of your leaders.
  • to grow tomorrow’s talent pipeline by supporting your emerging leaders to develop the skills and confidence to lead with intention, clarity and impact.
  • to work with you as a strategic thinking partner to create sustainable, implementable, customer-centric and ethical solutions that meet the needs of your organisation.

We deliver coaching, consulting, advisory and leadership development services.

  • Self-awareness, transition and executive coaching to advance the capabilities of leaders. Coaching is available online via Skype or face-to-face, if the client is based in Sydney.
  • Tailored self-awareness and leadership development courses for emerging and senior leaders. Workshops held within Australia.
  • Independent, pragmatic consulting advice in the public and private sectors within Australia.

Chameleon Leadership has expertise in the health, community, ambulance, aged care and the not-for-profit areas in both the public and private sectors.